Legal Documents

Wrestling with Legal Documents?

A legal document, by its very nature, is painstakingly created and then customized to include the specific names, dates, clauses and other information relevant to its purpose.

These documents must be accurate.  An inaccurate legal document isn't merely embarrassing – it can be extremely expensive.

You may have seen software solutions that claim to make the process easier and more efficient.

However, it seems the more bells and whistles the software has, the steeper the learning curve.  You're faced with investing a significant amount of time learning the software – and there's no guarantee that it will work for your specific situation.


Automate your Legal Documents

Whether you are creating simple, one-page correspondence or longer, more complex documents, Docmosis can help you with:

  • Contracts
  • Agreements
  • Powers of attorney
  • Affidavits
  • Deeds
  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • ... and much more.

Docmosis is a method of generating documents based on templates.

The driving goal when designing Docmosis was the desire to create templates using tools that people already know, like: Microsoft Word or LibreOffice.

Being able to create templates using these well known and richly featured editors means that simple tasks like:

  • Specifying Page Size and Orientation
  • Setting Font, Font-Size, Bold, Italic, Underline, Text Colour
  • Creating Numbered and/or Bullet Lists
  • Creating Headers and Footers
  • Adding Page Numbering and Table of Contents
  • Inserting Tables and Images

can be accomplished using features that people are already familiar with.  This significantly reduces the time needed to learn a new tool.

A Docmosis template is just a normal Microsoft Word or LibreOffice document.  The template contains the static, unchanging portions of your document, and any dynamic content that may change – such as names, dates, clauses, and so forth – can be represented with easy-to-construct placeholders, as shown below:

Examples: <<firstName>>, <<executionDate>>, <<subClause1>>

When you generate a legal document from the template, Docmosis replaces the placeholders with the data relevant to the intended audience or recipient of the document.

The placeholders can be used to:

  • Insert text or images into the: body; headers and footers
  • Inject repeating data in to tables, bullet lists and numbered lists
  • Modify formatting during document generation based on the data
  • Conditionally add or remove any content
  • Dynamically insert images, barcodes or watermarking
  • Perform calculations and format numbers and dates
  • and much more...

Legal specific features

One of the most useful Docmosis features, when generating legal documents, is the ability to conditionally add or remove text in a document.

Using this feature, you can customize your contracts or agreements by adding or removing legal clauses as needed.  Docmosis will even handle automatic page and paragraph re-numbering and adjust any cross-references.


Many legal documents contain numbered sections like this:


With Docmosis, you can conditionally add or remove a new clause between 1.1 and 1.2, and Docmosis will automatically re-number the clauses:


Also, Docmosis will automatically update the reference in 2.1 so that it refers to the correct clause that moved from 1.2 to 1.3.

The end result is that generated documents are more likely to be correctly structured and adhere to company standards which in turn reduces risk and enhances compliance.

Proven Legal Document Generation

Docmosis is used by many different customers, from private legal firms like Jim Adler & Associates in Texas to government departments like the United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims and the HM Courts and Tribunals Service in the Ministry of Justice (UK).

Legal Document Generation

"At Terms Advisor we were building an online legal document generation platform.  The real challenge was finding a document assembly engine that was cost-effective and powerful... the Docmosis cloud solution, was perfect to get us off the ground."   Read More >

Benefits of Docmosis

Law firms are becoming increasingly more receptive to the benefits of using powerful document generation engines like Docmosis to efficiently generate their complex suite of legal documents.

Through the creation of templates using familiar word processors like Microsoft Word, lawyers can feel confident about making any necessary changes to the legal documents themselves and/or delegating the required changes to their teams of paralegals and secretaries. Simple and quick updates to contracts and court form templates to account for any legislative changes can then be easily reflected in all applicable client documents through the use of Docmosis.

With Docmosis you will:

  • Have a low learning curve - templates are created using editors you already know
  • Be able to easily insert client specific information into documents through the simple placeholder syntax that is easy-to-construct and understand
  • Be able to conditionally include or exclude various terms, clauses, considerations and disclaimers within legal documents
  • Save time creating the content and formatting of new documents
  • Save time updating and editing documents when they change
  • Be able to more evenly distribute the work between legal and IT-trained staff

Our core document generation engine has been engineered to give robust and impressive performance with the ability to output 1000's of pages per minute.

Integrating Docmosis

Docmosis has developed a suite of products that can generate documents from templates, but what starts the process?

The software that initiates or drives the document generation process could be a:

  • Simple Web Form or WebApp
  • Custom Software Application (Java / .NET / PHP / Ruby / ...)
  • Enterprise System (CRM / ERP / ...)
  • Mobile App
  • Legacy Software System (via REST)

The main difference between the Docmosis products is how to connect or integrate them with your software.

Find out more from our Products page.

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