Finance Documents

Frustrated with Finance Documents?

Financial documents need to be accurate.  It's crucial to have systems that eliminate human error or risk the high cost of liability and penalties.

Given the sheer volume of data these days it's no longer practical to generate documents by hand.  If you tried to cobble together financial documents from emails, spreadsheets, and other apps, it's likely they will inadvertently contain typos and other inaccuracies.

Document generation software can help you eliminate mistakes in finance documents, but will there be a steep learning curve?  How will it integrate with your exisiting systems?  Plus, there's no guarantee the software can be customized to your specific situation.

Finance Document Generation

Automate your Finance Documents

Whether you are creating one-page invoices or longer, more complex financial reports and contracts, Docmosis can help you with:

  • Account statements
  • Loan applications
  • Lending agreements
  • Invoices and Receipts
  • Income statements
  • Profit and loss reports
  • Balance sheets
  • Payroll slips
  • ... and much more.

Docmosis is a method of generating documents based on templates.

The driving goal when designing Docmosis was the desire to create templates using tools that people already know, like: Microsoft Word or LibreOffice.

Being able to create templates using these well known and richly featured editors means that simple tasks like:

  • Specifying Page Size and Orientation
  • Creating Headers and Footers
  • Adding Page Numbering and Table of Contents
  • Creating Numbered and/or Bullet Lists
  • Setting Font, Font-Size, Bold, Italic, Underline, Text Colour
  • Inserting Tables and Images

can be accomplished using features that people are already familiar with, which significantly reduces the time needed to learn a new tool.

A Docmosis template is just a normal Microsoft Word or LibreOffice document. The template contains the static, unchanging portions of your document, and any dynamic content that may change – such as names, addresses, financial amounts, and so forth – can be represented with easy-to-construct placeholders, as shown below:

Examples: <<firstName>>, <<subTotal>>, <<weeklyRepayment>>

When you generate a financial document from the template, Docmosis replaces the placeholders with the data relevant to the intended audience or recipient of the document.

The placeholders can be used to:

  • Insert text or images into the: body; headers and footers
  • Inject repeating data in to tables, numbered lists and bullet lists
  • Conditionally add or remove any content
  • Dynamically insert images, barcodes or watermarking
  • Modify formatting during document generation based on the data
  • Perform calculations and format numbers and dates
  • and much more...

Finance specific features

Some of the more useful Docmosis features, when generating finance documents, is the ability to:

  • Fill tables with numbers
  • Format numbers for currency
  • Align by decimal point
  • Perform calculations within the template

Using these features you can format your output within your template without having to change your data.

Example: your database may store raw numbers like this: [ 890.1, 411.26, 241.5, 181.7 ] - which you want to display in a table using: a leading dollar sign with two decimal places; right aligned by decimal point and with a calculated total.  With Docmosis you can achieve this:


Proven Finance Document Generation

Docmosis is used by many different finance customers, from expense control experts BentoForBusiness to payroll software provider ADP or personal finance providers Oportun and SoFi.  As well as grants management software provider STR and government departments like the WA Department of Commerce.

Benefits of Docmosis

With Docmosis you will:

  • Have a low learning curve - templates are created using editors you already know
  • Appreciate the simple placeholder syntax that is easy-to-construct and understand
  • Save time creating the content and formatting of new documents
  • Save time updating and editing documents when they change
  • Be able to distribute the work between technical and non-technical staff

Our core document generation engine has been engineered to give robust and impressive performance with the ability to output 1000's of pages per minute.

Integrating Docmosis

Docmosis has developed a suite of products that can generate documents from templates, but what starts the process?

The software that initiates or drives the document generation process could be a:

  • Simple Web Form or WebApp
  • Custom Software Application (Java / .NET / PHP / Ruby / ...)
  • Enterprise System (CRM / ERP / ...)
  • Mobile App
  • Legacy Software System (via REST)

The main difference between the Docmosis products is how to connect or integrate them with your software.

Find out more from our Products page.

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