Solutions : by Industry

To Each Industry Its Own Document Challenges

Docmosis is used by customers in a variety of industries from over 30 countries across the globe.

Docmosis has been successfully integrated to generate documents in the Legal arena as well as Finance, Health, Education, and many more…

Legal Documents

Let Docmosis help you with long, complex documents by allowing you to conditionally add/remove any content, then automatically re-calculating page numbers, section numbering, and the table of contents.

Finance Documents

Numbers. Lots of them… amounts, rates, percentages, sub-totals and totals. Not only can Docmosis perform calculations with-in the template and fill tables with numbers, it can format for currency and align the results by decimal point.

Education Documents

If you are generating reports that have tables filled with data, display ticks and crosses or percentages and numbers with decimal points, from preschool to higher education, public or private, research to student services, Docmosis can help with Education documents. 

Health Documents

Docmosis is ideal for the generation of health-based documents, especially when there is a need to present complex data such as patient healthcare history, medical test results and pharmaceutical drug comparisons in sophisticated, adjustable table layouts so that it is easy for doctors, medical specialists and healthcare management to interpret the results.

Human Resources Documents

Docmosis is the perfect tool for generating customised and personalised HR documents including letters to individuals and groups of employees, comprehensive job employment contracts, detailed staff profiles and uniform performance appraisal reporting.

Other Industries

Our customers in a host of other industries like Insurance, Marketing, Manufacturing, Transport & Logistics have used Docmosis to generate claims history & benefit reports, tickets, posters,  legal contracts, detailed inventory lists and delivery dockets with barcodes.